Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chasing Lightning and a Nerdy Smile

Monday, July 4th 2011: 4 miles @ 11:38 minutes per mile pace. We had a busy day scheduled for the 4th of July and I knew the only time I'd be able to get a run in was early. Is there something morally wrong with waking up at the crack of dawn on a holiday to exercise?

I felt so good during the run and enjoyed an awesome sunrise in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. I got some good pictures but after comparing them to pictures from later in the week, none of them made the cut. Every week I have a hard time deciding which pictures to post here. For every one picture I put on the blog, there are 10-15 more that don't make it on here.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011: 3 miles @ 10:45 minutes per mile pace. I went back to the Desert Reserve. Even though I'm slower on a trail, my body is so much happier when I get to run on dirt.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011: 4 miles @ 10:13 minutes per mile pace. Either it's hot outside or I've developed smokers lung because I couldn't breathe! I was huffing and puffing and disturbingly sweaty by the time I got home.

Later in the day the kids asked to go on a hike to the top of a cinder knoll near our house. I reminded them that this is a big hill to climb, but they wanted to go anyway.

Stats from the hike:
1 = child who got poked in the eye and started crying
.17 = miles traveled before we heard the first whine of "I'm tired."
397 = degrees outside
1 = child who was too grumpy to have a picture taken
0 = fatalities
Great fun was had by all

Thursday, July 7th 2011:
Got to spend some quality time with "my brother" (who isn't really my brother), the dentist. It was one of those days when dentures didn't seem like a bad alternative.

Friday, July 8th 2011: 5 miles @ 11:27 minutes per mile pace. I went out with Mel which was fun because we hadn't run together in a while. We were planning to go farther but it was so miserably hot and humid outside that we cut it short. We even went early in the morning while it was still dark outside. And it was still unbearably hot. It was funny to see her running through the yard whenever we came to a house where the sprinklers were on.

911 Operator: How can I help you?
Home Owner: It's dark outside and this crazy lady just ran through my yard!
911 Operator: Interesting, we just got four similar calls.

That night I stayed out too late chasing lightning with my camera:

Saturday, July 9th 2011: 4 miles @ 10:34 minutes per mile pace. I did the last mile in 8 minutes 46 seconds (slow for many but fast for me). The clouds in the sky that morning were absolutely incredible. It was hard to choose which pictures to post.

This is one of my favorites:

Instead of going with minimalist shoes, I got a minimalist haircut this week. I'm guessing that my more aerodynamic head will take 8-12 minutes off my marathon time. And the award for Cheesiest, Nerdiest Smile of the Day goes to.........Cory Reese!

I actually felt like a runner this week. Bryce Canyon Half Marathon coming up in 6 days - bring it!

When exhaustion gets tired.
When agony doubles over in pain.
When defeat waves a white flag.
I will still be out here.

~ Reebok


  1. Great pics! I especially liked the one with the camera on the road. It looks like you've been really enjoying running with the family. Those sprinklers are a genius idea if it's too hot!

  2. You take the best pics! Ok, go ahead, remind me that I've told you that a million times!

    Maybe you should get some minimalist shoes to go with your haircut!

    That's funny about the kids, mine do the EXACT same, they come up with a great idea but wither like flowers about .25 of the way in.

  3. awesome pics as always!!! Sorry about the dentist... bleck. ANd YAY for zero fatalities. LOL. Sometimes that's all you can ask for a family adventure. :)

  4. LOVED all of your pictures. You should just share the rest.

    Love your blog Cory! Thanks for making me laugh. I have no idea how you train down in St. George. It is so blasted hot down there.

  5. You have the best quotes AND the best pictures! I've always wanted to take one of lightning. I will admit that when I read the post I thought you were talking about Lightning McQueen :). Way to go on that 8 + minute mile! Good luck at your half. You are the coolest marathoner I know.

  6. Awesome job on your runs this week! You get extra points for getting out there in the blasted hot southern utah heat!!

  7. Great pictures and fabulous job on your runs! I run about a 12 minute mile so I'm really slow, but I start and finish! :)

  8. when i ran on saturday, it was the same thing. first there was a guy hand sprinkling his lawn and we asked for a spray. he looked at us weird and said are you sure? we were sure. then we ran through every yard that had sprinklers on.

    good luck on sat!

  9. Like usual, you have some amazing photos!