Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Am A Runner

I haven't been running as much over the last few months. With the busy race schedule I've been doing, it seems like I'm either tapering for, or recovering from a marathon. It's hard to get too many miles in with the taper/recover thing going on.

But....I have been riding my bike a lot. I logged around 260 miles in June, by far my most miles in one month. It is great cross training and it is 100% pure fun. Running is hard, but cycling is so awesomely fun. I love it.

Let me be honest with you: bike riding is more enjoyable than running. It just is. But I can't get past this feeling I have inside:


Over the last two and a half years I have come to truly love running. Running has opened so many doors for me, and taught me so much, and it has made me a better person. Time on the bike is some of the most fun I have all week. But in my heart, I am a runner.

This is the first time I have biked more miles than I've run in a month. I kind of feel like I'm having a secret affair with biking. I want to give Running a phone call and say "Don't worry! Me and the bike - we're just friends! I will never leave you!"

I plan to bike many, many more miles. I want to continue to get better at it. I have a blast every single time I'm on my bike. But nothing can compare to how I feel when I'm only being carried by my own two feet.


  1. ahhh! i love this post...that last sentence was said so perfectly! I am sure running understands...especially now that it has its own tribute post ;)

  2. I feel the same way about biking being more fun. At the same time, I've come to love running and being able to run. I've had a hard time balancing the two (three really, with mountain and road biking in competition with each other as well as running).

  3. It's nice to hear a runner say that running is hard! I wouldn't call myself a runner, and I struggle sometimes with enjoying running. IT'S HARD to me. I'd rather be on the bike any day.

  4. I love this post! I feel like I have little "affairs" with swimming, yoga, etc...but I'll always come back to running, my true love!

  5. I've been similarly cycling through this season of taper-race-recovery-taper-race-recovery, and though it's been adventure racing instead of running, it's definitely a little bit disorienting.

    With most of the year's adventure races behind us now, I'm beginning to look toward the Philly marathon in November, and it's a nice view. Feels comfortable - like coming home.

  6. I feel the same way. Running IS hard! But that's what makes it so gratifying too.
    I'm slowly overcoming my bike fear and loving it more and more but it'll never be running.

  7. This is so true. When I bike or run I always miss running although doing something new really excites me.

    That's a heck of a lot of miles in a month. The best though was biking to work and back :)

  8. I agree 100%. Love my bike, but I don't get the same high I do running!

  9. You and my husband need to be friends. He is in love with biking as well. The only difference...he hates running! Boo!

  10. Great post thanks for sharing. I can absolutely relate to your feelings about running.

  11. I had a horribly miserable run yesterday and I passed several walkers and bikers along the way. Every time I saw them I though, 'Man, I need to change to a less miserable hobby! The people on the bikes are actually smiling!!' However, I finished my run and felt accomplished all day. It's good to push ourselves. It's good to do hard things. It's good to rely on your own two feet.

    Today, I skipped my run and opted for a more enjoyable hobby- Nap taking.

  12. Biking IS way more fun! Don't get me wrong, I love running but sometimes it just feels like I'm taking FOREVER. In addition to taking forever, I'm not a fan of hot days and when I run it's like the sweat is sticking to me, where as with biking I always have a breeze.

    I also agree with Vanessa, my "affair" currently is yoga and Zumba and I do feel guilty when I do those instead of running for days at a time.

    And I agree with Amylee in regards to seeing people smile. I am actually one who smiles while biking! But that smile isn't as crazy or huge as it is when I finish a nice long run.