Sunday, August 7, 2011

Speed Workout.....FINALLY!!! And No Vomit!!!

"Oh. My. God. Ouch. Terrible." ~ Lance Armstrong after running his first marathon

(Don't forget: just a few more days to enter the Happiness Contest!)

Monday, August 1st 2011:
Dear Work: I forgive you for keeping me in your walls for so many hours that I couldn't run on Monday. I still love you.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011: 14 mile bike ride in 1 hour & 4 minutes (13.2 mph). I got my protein for the day by eating mosquitos as Mel and I were riding. Delish.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011:
5 miles @ the track - SPEED WORKOUT!!! I haven't done a speed workout for ages and was so happy to get back on the track. I almost threw up a few times, but I didn't care one bit. It took months to work through some knee injury issues so I was positively thrilled that I felt good enough to run to the point of vomit.

I did Yasso 800's (two times around the track) and wanted to keep them around 4 minutes each. My times were: 3:58, 3:44, 3:38, 3:57, and 3:41. I can't wait to start working on building speed again!

Thursday, August 4th 2011: 17 mile bike ride with Mel in 1 hour & 11 minutes (14.4 mph).

Friday, August 5th 2011: Diet Mountain Dew + Hostess Crumb Donuts = Pure Bliss. Yum.

Saturday, August 6th 2011: 14 miles @ 10:29 minutes per mile. We made a last-minute decision to join a group of friends going to run a section of the St. George Marathon course. We dropped a total of 2,276 feet. If that doesn't pour gasoline on your quads then light them on fire, nothing does.

I ran the first ten miles with Mel and our friend Jess. They are girls. And unlike boys, a high proportion of their time was spent singing and dancing. I kept hearing them sing about putting a ring on it as well as numerous out-of-tune hits from the 1980's. They are good company so I was willing to overlook the singing.

Jess has been quoted as saying that getting a jumping picture is on her bucket list. If this is real, she probably has other fascinating things on her bucket list like finding a quarter in the parking lot or trying to endure a whole episode of Murder She Wrote.

She was too speedy to get a sharp picture (because she was a little embarrassed to be jumping while other runners went past). We talked about technique and she decided to go with the cheerleader pose. I tried that once too but got a frightening result.

I did the last 4 miles by myself at around 9:30 per mile and felt great. I was so happy to end the run feeling like I could go farther if I wanted to. I was so happy in fact that I tried a jumping picture myself. And it looks like I dislocated my right arm in the process.

The Moonlight Half Marathon is coming up Friday night! Anyone up for a blogger get together Friday or Saturday?

I'm considering the costume contest.....any suggestions?


  1. Yum - Mt. Dew! I call it "The Nectar of the Gods!"

  2. I love your couch quote!

  3. Fun stuff!

    And how cool you are running TOU. We definitely need to meet up!!!

  4. Cory, I'm so excited that you are doing Top of Utah also (saw it on Erin's blog). Maybe you can take jumping pictures of us (if I can still move after the race)? :^)

    Congrats on the speed workout. They make me feel like puking, too. So far I haven't. I'd like to keep it that way.

  5. Awesome week! Nice job on the speedwork, it hurts so so good!

    I'd love to get together and if I'm not mistaken you are yet to be properly introduced to Yogurtland? Or we could always be normal and do dinner or something.

    And yes absolutely go for the costume contest. You should wear a full black body suit with glow in the dark skeleton bones.

  6. I feel the need to share with you...I had a Hostess cherry pie yesterday. I have not had one in probably ohhh 15 or more years haha. Not as good as I remember as a kid, but hey still quite the treat. Chocolate was always my fave, can't find it anywhere.

  7. crazy awesome speed work! way to go! and your run sounds jealous that you run down that way all the is seriously gorgeous down there! I am with a time and place and I AM SO THERE to meet up :)

  8. Nice Yasso times!!!!! You are so going to break 4 hours. I can feel it. Maybe now that you've cut down to only running a million miles a week rather than a BILLION miles a week, you will be able to focus more on speed.

    I wish I could do the St. George marathon. Next year can I just register under your address? :)

  9. We will be looking for you at the Mapleton Half. I'm thinking you should find one of those green stretchy suits to run in. Now that would be AWESOME!!

  10. I love speedwork.

    You got in some great training this week!