Thursday, April 5, 2012

50 Mile Wrap Up

The Buffalo Run 50 Miler is firmly in the rear view mirror. A few more parting thoughts:

The night before the race I talked with my eight year old daughter Danica. She gave me three pieces of advice:

1) Don't fall.
2) Start off slow so that you have energy to run strong at the end. (This little nugget made me so happy. Somehow she already understands the importance of pacing yourself.)
3) Try to win the race.

Thankfully I accomplished #1 and #2. I love how my kids are still young enough that they think I'm going to win the races I enter. They don't quite understand my lack of speed. And I'm okay with that.

I hadn't ever been to Antelope Island before and had no idea that there were actually mountains on the island. My GPS died at mile 39 but you can see how much more challenging the first 20 miles are compared to the last 30.

In my race report I mentioned that I talked a little bit with a guy named Chris Boyack who was running the 100 mile race. Click here to see his must-read race report.

And finally, I was lucky enough to get a jumping picture at the race:

Within 10 minutes of leaving the island, I was standing in a 7-11 dying to get my hands on a Slurpee. Let me tell you my friends - there has never existed a finer post-race beverage. (That is if a Slurpee qualifies as a beverage.)


  1. Oh cute little Danica! She is very smart.

  2. Oh and what's up with these watches? Seriously, why don't they last longer? I almost lost my battery life as well. Sheesh!!

  3. Holy hilly! I was already impressed but after seeing the elevation chart I bow down before you!

    Awesome jumping picture too!

  4. I love Slurpees! I have never used on post race but it is now on my race agenda!

  5. Your jumping pictures amaze me. Serious.

    And, I as well, do appreciate a nice cold Surplee!

  6. Your kiddo has wisdom beyond her years! #3 was my favorite! "Just go out there and WIN IT, dad!" Man, it looks like mile 11 sucked! Yowsa! Good thing there was a 7-11 nearby!

  7. I love Danica's advice! My 10 year old daughter could care less if I win or finish strong or whatever - her only "demand" before every race is that I "beat all the boys". Ha! In the world of third grade playground, beating boys is all that matters. :) Kids are awesome!

  8. Not to rub it in or anything but I have had slurpee's 3/4 days so far this week. There is a 7-11 75 meters from my place of employment. :)

    Nice wrap up Cory!

  9. Hey Cory,
    Thanks for the link. It was great to see you out there. That is the best jump pic ever! Nice work.


  10. I know a guy that runs ultras, and he has 4 Garmins. He switches out every 25 miles (which is also how often he changes his clothes). Such a challenging course! Yowza.

  11. You know your jumping pics are are so contagious!! I made a jump myself in my last half marathon. As soon as I get my pic I'll post it!

    Congrats on finishing up 50 miles! You and Janice have inspired me to try an ultra next year!!

  12. Your daughter is wise! Good job on 50 Cory!

  13. Great picture!! That elevation profile...holy cow! You're daughter's advice, spot on. My 8 year old gets pacing...until he runs. Then it's either all out...or walk. Hey, plenty of time. Well done, Cory!!