Monday, April 29, 2013

A Grasshopper Almost Poked My Eye Out

On Saturday I went for my first run since the Zion 100 a week ago. All the kids were at a birthday party for three hours. Three free hours = grab the running shoes NOW!

I headed to the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Much to my pleasure, desert paintbrushes were popping up everywhere!

During the Zion 100 there were endless miles of slick rock that pulverized my legs. During that time I may have muttered a number of times "If I run on slick rock ever again it will be too soon." And yet one week later I found myself back on some rolling red slick rock.

There were, no joke, nineteen googillian grasshoppers EVERYWHERE. With every step grasshoppers went flying everywhere. That's cool. No biggie. Then a grasshopper torpedoed at my eye and knocked my contact out. I was able to sit on a rock for five minutes and salvage the contact. It's all fun and games until a grasshopper shoots your eye out.

It was 90 degrees outside and I was positively roasting. My legs are not back to good running condition yet, but that's no worry. I'm perfectly willing to give my legs all the time they need to recover. Even a crappy run can't be that horrible when you're surrounded my scenery like this.

On the way back I came across this cool rock formation that I had never seen before. It is definitely handcrafted. And definitely big. And definitely awesome.

All in all, the views were worth going through the Grasshopper Apocalypse. Next time I'll wear goggles. Finally, here is an interesting quote in this month's issue of UltraRunning Magazine:

"The mind has to be as strong as or stronger than the body to run ultras. There is always a point where the race surpasses a physical activity and becomes a protracted mind game. Your brain sends signals to the body; the body sends signals to the brain, and the mind of the ultrarunner has to declare them all lies and continue onward." ~ Heather Anderson


  1. OH my Funniness!! I actually looked up the word googillion to see if it was a real word. And it is!! I thought you were just making this up. Those grasshoppers were just so happy you were out there dancing with them.

  2. The grasshoppers here in Utah were definitely something I had to get used to when we moved here. I've had them hop into my legs while running, but no where near my eyes!

  3. Ha ha. If that was me the grasshopper would have ended up in my mouth. All insects seem to end up in my mouth.

  4. Kamikaze grasshopper!

    Amazing pictures. :)

  5. Your land is very hot for my northernly skin. Very hot. Too hot. I find Utah hot, hot, hot.

  6. Goggles might be the solution for that. I've been hit by many insects and grasshoppers are certainly hard and solid. Beautiful place to run, you are very fortunate.

  7. Beautiful pics! I love that quote. I am thinking of training for my first ultra- only a 50k but still counts:). It won't be until next year but I will have to keep this quote in mind.