Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tailwind Nutrition Giveaway!

I have discovered a bit of a secret weapon that has gotten me through the Buffalo Run 100 miler and the Zion 100. This weapon: Tailwind Nutrition.

I started using Tailwind as my primary fuel for long runs around six months ago. Ever since then I have not had to worry about taking any Gu packets or salt tabs. All the calories, potassium, and sodium are just there in the drink mix. And it tastes good. I was able to do this at the finish line after running 100 miles:

You can read my full review of Tailwind HERE. I purchased the Tailwind Challenge with each of their four flavors: mandarin orange, lemon, berry, and naked (unflavored). I really like each of them.

What I love about Tailwind is that it's a family business with beyond awesome customer service. They said they would like to give away one of their large bags + a Tailwind water bottle to one of my lucky readers. It is a huge 50 serving (100 calories per serving) bag and you get to choose the flavor!

It's easy to enter. All you have to do is:
1) Be a blog follower (just click that Join This Site button on the right side of the blog).
2) Like Tailwind on Facebook (HERE is their link).
3) Leave a comment here on this post saying what flavor you'd like. (I'll give you three extra entries if you share on your blog or Facebook. Just say you did that in your comment.)

The contest will end in one week on Tuesday, May 7th. If you don't want to do this contest stuff, you can visit the Tailwind website to order for yourself. I promise you'll love it as much as I do.


  1. Thanks to your review I bought the three trial size pouches. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a big one! Berry flavor is my favorite by far.

    I reluctantly shared it on facebok.

  2. http://inspired2tri.blogspot.com/2013/04/tailwind-nutrition-new-secret-sauce.html

    Bring it on!

  3. Wow.. Any nutrition stuff you can tolerate for 100 miles straight and still love must be seriously awesome. I did all three (but shared on Facebook, not my blog). Thanks!

  4. Sounds like good stuff to me! I think I would try the Lemon.
    (I am a blog follower and like Tailwind on FB)

  5. I am a follower!

    I think I would like to try the Lemon too.

    I just saw their guarantee - if you buy the 4 pack and don't like it they'll reimburse your race fee - that's pretty darn cool.

    I liked them on FB.

    I shared your contest on FB too.

    1. Yes, this was another selling point for me. If you're not satisfied with the product they'll reimburse your race fee. That is confidence.

      Their Facebook page is also full of comments from happy customers. It seems like everyone who tries it loves it.

  6. This is Nate Jensen, commenting under the alias of my wife (she's in control of our blog). I would be all over that Mandarin Orange flava! I'm pretty sure if I had Tailwind then I could totally run 100 miles...

    Facebook shared!

  7. Sounds like I would like the berry flavor.

  8. Sweet! I would love to the the berry flavor :) I will also be sharing on Facebook :)

  9. I did just have a chicken dinner... so that would make me the.....

  10. I would love to try something new and these sound great! Lemon or berry both sound yummy! You chose for me :)

  11. Tailwind rocks! I shared your blog link to the original review in the comments section of the order when I processed my last order. Oh and I tell everyone I know...will that buy me any more entries? HA, glad you brought it to my attention before Buffalo 100. I like all the flavors but I don't have any BERRY right now, so that is what I would like!

  12. I am a blog follower and I liked Tailwind on Facebook. I am a HUGE fan of this stuff and am using it as my only fuel for my marathon next weekend. I would love to win a bag of the lemon. :)

  13. I entered and shared on Facebook. Definitely berry flavor. I hope I win so I can try this stuff out this summer.

  14. I entered and shared on Facebook. Definitely berry flavor. I hope I win so I can try this stuff out this summer.

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