Monday, May 27, 2013

My List Of Things That Are Awesome

This past week was a very low-key taper with the Whole Enchilada ("Whole Enchilada" is code word for 100 miler) coming up in a few days. In fact I only ran twice. The first was that 3+ hour run around Bryce Canyon. The second run was an easy 6 miler on Saturday. I learned that levitating pictures are hard!

I ran on a side route from the Jem Trail. I've ran here so many times that I think I could do these miles with my eyes closed, but I still love it every time.

Let me tell you something awesome: the Bryce 100 is coming up FOUR days! There is the option to do 100k (62 miles) but if things go okay, I'll be shooting for the 100 miles. The race is going to undoubtedly be awesome.

Would you like to know my list of other things that are awesome? (Spoiler alert: if you answered "no" you should click over to another website because I'm going to tell you in just a second.)

1) The Bryce 100 coming up in a few days
2) Obscenely fake Santas
3) When you get an eyelash out of your eye
4) The Five Second Rule
5) Laughing so hard you can't breathe
6) The smell of rain
7) Sneezing three times in a row
8) Electric blankets
9) Nacho Libre
10) High fives
11) The middle of a cinnamon roll
12) The sound of kids laughing when tickled
13) Naps
14) Scott Jurek
15) The sound of coil doorstops
16) Handlebar moustaches
17) The moonwalk
18) Hostess crumb donuts (Dear Hostess: We miss you.)
19) One time when I was young, we went to a cake auction to raise money for the scouts. Everyone brought a cake to sell. This kid in our neighborhood named Butch brought, to be blunt, the ugliest cake at the cake auction. I'm sure he felt bad when he saw all the other cool cakes. My dad bid the highest amount at the whole auction for Butch's cake. That was awesome.
20) A few nights ago the weather was so perfect that we brought our couch on the front lawn to hang out. It was the greatest of evenings.

Do you have anything you'd like to add to the list of Things That Are Awesome?


  1. Running with friends rates right up there as pretty awesome.

  2. I'm with Susette!

    And your #19 is totally heartwarming. That made me happy just reading it.

  3. Pinata cakes.

    Sneezing three times in a row can be not so awesome when you've birthed three generously proportioned humans.

  4. A couch in the front yard is just madness. ;-)

  5. When you think you ate all of the Girl Scout cookies, and then you open the drawer and find out there is still another box. This just happened to me. And I'll never be the same again.

  6. You are a 100-mile running maniac! I'm so impressed with how you continually master these races. I seriously doubt that I'm ever even down for a 50. #15 is awesome. #16 itself is awesome, but their owners are often creepy. Relief from ingrown toenails is awesome.

  7. You are amazing. I can't believe you are doing yet another 100. WOWZA!

    And I love your list :D

  8. Nothing to add today, but the middle of cinnamon rolls are truly amazing! I wish I had one right now.