Friday, January 17, 2014

Running With Territorial Cows

Last week I had a lovely reunion with my dear old friend the Gould's Rim Trail. A few sections run along the rim of a canyon....which is how the trail acquired the funniest trail sign I've ever seen.

The trail took me past quite a few herds of cattle. I'm talking RIGHT past them. I prayed they weren't aggressive cows who would try to get justice for all the Big Macs I ate in my younger years. Thankfully they were friendly.

The trail is technical and rocky and beautiful. Beautiful enough to justify a jumping picture. Or two.

And then, wouldn't you know it, more cows. Cows are very territorial. They stick their tongue out at you if you want to share the trail with them.

Dear Gould's Rim: I love you. I will be back to see you soon.


  1. Did you tell the cows to mooooooove over?

  2. LOL at Rachel's comment above. Cows are funny I think. More gorgeous pictures! So in awe of your State.

  3. Did they tell you to eat more chicken?

  4. Count yourself lucky if those cows only want to stick their tongues out at you. They could do a lot worse.

  5. At first glance I thought that biker was falling off a grand piano and I thought the piano guys were at it again.

  6. The comments on this post are as funny as the post! lol

    That sign cracks me up...and is what I picture on most all of my mountain bike rides. :)

    A bike race I did last May took us through a pasture with a herd of cows. They kept their distance, but the big boy with the horns made me pretty nervous.

  7. ^ "Did you tell the cows to MOOOVE over?" ^ ha ha ha