Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day Before A 100 Miler

The Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100 miler starts tomorrow morning at 9:00am. What precisely does one do the day before a 100 miler?

I'm working for the first part of the day. Then.......

Finish packing. MP3 player......check. Spare socks.......check. A drop bag full of hopes and dreams.......check.

I will continue carbo loading with a steady stream of chocolate chip cookies and my dietary secret weapon:

I will then proceed to drive to Las Vegas. During that time I will be VERY, VERY careful about what enters my ears.

One time before a 100 miler I walked into a gas station and heard Bette Midler on the speaker system. I'm serious. When you're running hour after hour whatever has been trapped in your brain is played on repeat over and over again. BETTE MIDLER IS NOT THE KIND OF JUNK YOU WANT PLAYING IN YOUR BRAIN FOR 100 MILES.

Speaking of Vegas, I am reminded of some betting odds from a race I saw during the Zion 100:

I will check in at the packet pickup. Liz Zelandais summarized this experience perfectly. "I gazed in envy at ultra runners whose quadriceps had the kind of definition that tells you Secretariat is somewhere in their family tree."

I will eat dinner then try to sleep. And by "try to sleep" I mean that I will not sleep. I will lay in a bed and stare at the ceiling all night begging for at least a few hours of slumber before the alarm clock goes off.

It's going to be a good time! (For at least the first four miles.)

If you'd like, you can check out my Facebook page HERE, there may be some updates during the run. The race Facebook page might be posting some updates HERE too. Bring. On. 100.


  1. (Comment moderation time! Yikes...)

    Good luck Cory. I can relate to the 'last-song-played' syndrome...I once got Demi Lovato stuck in my head before the Black Hills 100 last year ("If I ever did that, I think I'd have a have a heart attack...")

    Not the greatest verse to get stuck either. Looking forward to pictures and your race report. Good luck!

  2. Apparently you'll be needing to call on the name of the Lord for this....

    You're going to rock this race though. No fear!

  3. I'm jealous, I've never gotten a comment about an Ethopian eunuch.

    Good luck in your race. Crush that PR :)

  4. Good luck Cory! And yes, be very careful what you listen too.

  5. Best of luck - SPAM is similar to Unicorn meat if you run out.

  6. You will rock it as always!!! I will be cheering for you!!!!
    * I detest Bette Midler. Ick.
    * the unicorn meet can literally made me laugh and gag at the same time. :)

  7. Good Luck and have fun! May Bette Midler be on in no stores or areas you come in contact with :)

  8. If you're looking for good ear worms I'd start with American Authors' Best Day of My Life and follow with Pharrell William's Happy. Actually I did start with American Authors and followed it with Pharrell for my run today and it was only mildly annoying by the end. But I only ran 16k.
    Good luck with your run. We'll be expecting a full playlist of your ear worms after the event.

  9. I always put on a song from my iPod at the start of a race that I want to hear for a billion hours in my head. Sometimes, though, something stupid will enter and make you want to slit your wrists.
    Have a fantastic time out there, Cory (as always!!). Will be checking updates on you!

  10. I know how you operate. I'm pretty sure fun will be had for more than the first four miles! Have a blast out there! Hope you don't hurl!

  11. I was going to get on and wish you luck, then I saw the results, so instead...congratulations on a great race.

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