Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Variety Of Randomly Awesome Things

Do you like random things? Well, great! In that case, on the seventh day God created cinnamon rolls. I've never understood the popularity of vampire movies. I had a one-eyed hamster when I was a kid. Here are some other random things:

A few days ago I had to make a detour on the way home from work. There were some awesome storm clouds building near Zion National Park so I followed them for a bit to take some pictures. Here is my favorite:

I was honored to be asked by Ultrarunner Podcast to write some responses to their "5 Questions" section. You can read the Questions and Answers HERE (along with details on my adoration of Dr. Pepper.)

Who doesn't love a gnarly post-race foot picture? I collected this puppy at the Jackpot 100 a few weeks ago. It's the biggest blister I've had, but it was worth it for a PR. (Toe nail polish courtesy of my daughters.)

Do you want to see a completely fascinating website? (Please say yes. Please say yes.) This guy at has some absolutely incredible pictures of stacked rock towers. I guarantee amazement. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Go to the "My Work" section. I was so impressed that I have tried a few of my own. Here is one of mine but trust me, this pales in awesomeness compared to the pictures on this website. 

I was so happy to be asked to give a rundown of the Zion 100 course for Trail Runner Nation's podcast. Should you care to listen to the interview, click HERE. (My section is after a short interview with a running coach.)

My friend Mirna is a self-described "fat, black runner". Not just a runner, but a marathon and ultramarathon runner. Check out her latest blog post HERE. It touches on weight, race, and the love of running. It's sassy and funny and inspiring and I love it.

And I suppose that is just about all. Happy Thursday!


  1. Ahhh I love random things and might just do a similar post. Great pictures!

  2. I usually love your pictures, but please stop posting pics of your nasty feet lol. I checked out that website for the rocks when you posted it on FB. Amazing!

  3. That's one impressive blister. I don't agree with Michael at all - love all that gross stuff!

  4. Cool pictures! Those rock towers at the site you posted a link to were cool too.