Monday, August 11, 2014

Breathtaking And Soul Sucking

You know the whole "Fast Cory" joke? Yeah. The joke is that "Fast" and "Cory" are in the same sentence. From the moment I gave birth to the blog Fast Cory (mainly this sentence is included because I thought it would sound funny that I gave birth) the "Fast" part was VERY tongue-in-cheek. When it comes to running, I am much more concerned with fun than fast.

Alright. Now that we've established the fact that I gave birth and I'm not fast....

I did a bit of running on Saturday. After every 100 miler I run I take a week off no matter what. No exercising. I just cuddle up to my friends Ben and Jerry for a solid week. And I took a week off running after the Navajo 100. But by Saturday my week was up. I was feeling fine. So I ran a little. And that running was in arguably the most beautiful place in the state of Utah.

Or maybe the most beautiful place in the nation. I know I'm biased but seriously this is amazing. I often can't believe I live in a place that is surrounded by so much awesomeness.

I brought up the whole thing about "Fast Cory" being sarcastic because generally I don't feel very fast. But on Saturday I actually ran fast. And it was only because I was in these beautiful surroundings with a friend of mine, Jeremiah Barber. The main difference between us is that I could call him "Fast Jeremiah".....and it wouldn't be sarcastic.

Jeremiah is a breathtaking photographer (check out his website HERE or his Facebook page HERE) and he's working on a cool project I'll tell you more about later. So as I'm running with him it starts to get really hot outside. I'm talking scorching hot. Like the kind of hot that makes you sweat so much that you're embarrassed. The heat was slowly sucking out my soul.

In fact I was running so hard that I thought to myself "Oh boy. I'm going to be fairly embarrassed when (not if, but when) I throw up on my shoes.I don't want to clean Honey Stinger chews out of my Altras." And of course I let Jeremiah know about my near-barf experience. Or not.

It wasn't all running and trying not to throw up. There were plenty of stops for pictures too. I was pretty happy to spot this little pool left over from a rainstorm.

And then another pool + Jeremiah catching some air + a reflection of Jeremiah catching some air.

It was a beautiful Saturday in the fresh air. I feel blessed that I was able to refrain from throwing up. I feel blessed that my body lets me do stuff like this. And I feel blessed to live in such an amazingly beautiful area.


  1. Awesome spot. Great pictures!

  2. Stunning, stunning, stunning! And that's just the part about you giving birth. The pictures are pretty good too :-)

  3. Maybe my reading comprehension is off, but I missed exactly where in UT you ran... is this a secret spot that you're hiding from us or am I just an doofus? (Or both :-)). Honestly want to know as I would love to check it out.