Monday, October 26, 2015

My Advertisement For Utah Running

Utah has the most beautiful trails in the country. There. I said it.

(Disclaimer in fine print: I haven't run in 47 of the other states.)

Here is a small sample of the trails that have gotten my feet dirty over the last 10 days. 

Example #1: Dead Ringer Trail

This was the first time I ran some parts of this trail. The "dead" part of the Dead Ringer Trail is quite literal:

The weather forecast called for a downpour so I almost stayed in bed. I'm so glad I went out. It ended up being a perfect morning. That is Zion National Park in the background. 

The weather forecast called for a downpour so I almost stayed in bed. I'm so glad I went out. It ended up being a perfect morning. My girls inform me that sitting like this is called Criss Cross Applesauce. Doing an airborne Criss Cross Applesauce is one of the hardest jumps for me.

Example #2: More Cowbell Trail
I was rummaging through my closet and found this shirt from my first ultramarathon. It was a 50k four years ago. It was an utterly miserable experience. I've learned a lot since then. I'm glad I didn't give up four years ago. I have come to love running. That is the seriously lovely Gooseberry Mesa in the background:

Example #3: Goosebumps Trail
I was so psyched to have Jackson join me on this run. The only thing better than a trail run is a trail run with your offspring.

It was his first time on Goosebumps which is a great beginner trail with some sweet views. 

I have always wanted to get a shot of this view with a runner on the trail. Cool that I finally got the picture I wanted...with Jackson in it!

This is my favorite picture from our run.

Jackson snapped this jumping picture with the wickedly handsome Smith Mesa in the background.

Check....and mate. Utah wins.


  1. I'm incredibly impressed with your airborne criss cross applesauce! And the fact that you managed to catch it for all of us to marvel at your extreme skillz.

  2. All right, all right I'm convinced!

    Actually your race reports on the Grand Circle Series got me so convinced my friend and I are flying down from Alaska to run Antelope Canyon in February! We're going to be driving to Page from Vegas so I think we will go through your neck of the woods (desert?) and after following your blog for a few months I feel that the More Cowbell Trail is really a must-do while we're in the area. Do you mind sharing the directions to the trail head so we can find it when we go through? It's near St. George right?

    Any other advice for us novice desert runners much appreciated! It's my friend's first Ultra and my 2nd.