Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Toquerville Falls - The Most Beautiful Waterfall In Utah

I consider myself an authoritative expert on a number of topics including:

1) The best products manufactured by Hostess (you can't go wrong with the Sno Balls)
2) The music catalog of Bruce Springsteen
3) How to make your blood COMPLETELY irresistible to mosquitoes
4) Beautiful waterfalls in Utah

As luck would have it, I live nearby the most beautiful waterfall in Utah, Toquerville Falls. I ran there a few days ago with my brother-in-law Matt. It was the kind of bitter cold morning where instead of getting a runny nose, you just have icicles on the bottom of your nostrils.

The route to get to the waterfall is challenging. There is lots of climbing. The kind of climbing that would make your legs burn.....if they weren't already solid blocks of ice. At the top of one particularly steep hill I made my own personal rock chair to sit on to catch my breath. I've taken advantage of my rock chair nearly every time I've run here for years.

Once the sun came up we began to thaw out a tad.

Matt was really hoping we'd be able to get our timing just right to catch the falls with the changing autumn colors. As we neared the river we both got excited. Things were looking very promising.

We arrived at Toquerville Falls and got incredibly lucky with perfect lighting, perfect colors, perfect perfection.

I've run here countless times over the years. I've taken countless pictures here. But the shots from this run are undoubtedly my favorites.

I climbed down toward the bottom of the falls and loved the lighting looking up. The tree at the top looked like a burning bush.

This is the kind of shot you can't get when you run here alone. I love how this one turned out of Matt crossing the top of the waterfall.

I am madly in love with Toquerville Falls. I'll run here many more times in the years to come. But it will be hard to ever top the views we saw on this trip.


  1. Perfect perfection - just like your photos.

  2. I had to google the falls to find out where it is and I'm so sorry I didn't know about this place this summer when we traveled oh so close to the falls when we visited St. George. Next time!

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