Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Win A Pair Of Arm Warmers

I had never used arm warmers while running because I thought they looked, well, sissy. But then I actually tried them during the Mesquite Marathon. They quickly became my favorite running companions. Previously I thought "Well, duh. Why don't you just wear a long-sleved shirt?" But then I realized that arm warmers are actually warmer and not nearly as bulky. They make your arms smile (if your arms happen to have lips and teeth).

Because of a gracious gift from an arm warmer manufacturer, I am giving away a free pair of cozy arm warmers! Yes amigo, you could be the proud owner of warm arms while running in the cold weather.

I hear you asking yourself "Cory, how can I win myself a pair of them fancy arm warmers?" All you have to do is post a song you listen to on your iPod while you run. You get one entry for each comment so knock yourself out. The more song comments you make, the more chances you have to win.

Winner will be picked at random one week from today on December 7th. I wish you luck fellow runners!

(An un-Photoshop-enhanced image of my fantastic arm warmers)


  1. Welp, I must confess, imminent ridicule forthcoming, I like to listen to...

    Geeky things like Roxette (yes, I grew up in the 80's.)
    Peter Breinholt, but he's a stud, so there's no mocking this one.
    Rascal Flatts
    And a varied assortment from artists such as Alabama, Neil Diamond (he could take me home anytime), Ace of Base, Garth Brooks, Lady Antebellum, U2 and Celine Dion (yes, I know that last one is a swear word for you, so in divulging such info, I know I very well could be disqualified from this contest, but please strive to have mercy on me still! I'm a GOOD SOUL!)

    However! Take comfort - I listen to YOUR music while I'm relaxing at night and as I drive around town so as to keep a lid on my road rage. And it WORKS! Like a charm, actually. But, I have to confess, I hate working out, so I'd never consider desecrating your fine music during a workout, because then I may come to affiliate that glorious, heavenly music with pain, sweat and suffering. And I don't want to do that!

    But as for ONE song that I listen to, I shall randomly select: "Two Is Better Than One" by Boys Like Girls :)

    Surely this post is worth 12 comments... :~D

  2. I gotta feeling-black eyed peas?

  3. I like that too!! (this is one of my other personalities speaking)

  4. I like that three!!(sorry another personality)

  5. Way to go mendy... I got a feeling that these are going to be warm for you!

  6. I love to listen to Bon Jovi while running. One time I was running up 200w and their song You Give Love A Bad Name came on and I swear I flew up the hill.

  7. Okay one more for now but I have lots of songs and lots of time to comment. Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo from the Step Up soundtrack. I would post a Heart song on here but remembering Hawaii and how much you LOVE them I will refrain.

  8. I gotta go with "I got a feeling" by the black-eyed peas!

  9. metallica, GNR, poision, Bon jovi, daughtry, emenim, black eye peas to name a few more

  10. (Hate) I really don't like you--Plain White T's. So I should totally win for my effort here...If not the arm warmers then one of your CD's!

  11. You Will Soar - Cory Reese (I hope I am not too late to enter)