Monday, February 28, 2011

My 2011 Race Calendar

I’m looking forward to another fun year of races. For me, having an upcoming race on the calendar is the incentive I need to get myself out of bed every morning to train. Here is my tentative race calendar for the year:

January 22, 2011: St. George Half Marathon
February 26, 2011: Dogtown Half Marathon
March 26, 2011: Buffalo Run 50 Miler
April 30, 2011: Hurricane Half Marathon
May 21, 2011: Ogden Marathon
June 11, 2011: Utah Valley Marathon
July 16, 2011: Bryce Canyon Half Marathon
July 23, 2011: Deseret News Marathon
August???? : Any takers?
September 17, 2011: Top Of Utah Marathon
October 1, 2011: St. George Marathon (Complete the Utah Grand Slam!!!)
November 19, 2011: Mesquite Marathon

What are your favorite races?


  1. I should be at TOU in Sept! How likely is it to sell out? Should I be all over that tomorrow when it opens? I am all about seeing a moose

  2. For August, Hobblecreek is a good half. Really? Are you really going to do Mesquite again?! That wind last time made me consider running Snow Canyon Half for my November run. Looks like a fun year

  3. You don't even know me, but look how I like to stalk your blog. I'm just starting to get into running, but my favorite races so far are the Ragnar Relays. Do one! They'll rock your socks- promise.

    I'm planning on Top of Utah this year.

  4. CORY..... Your the MAN!!!!! Thats a Killer Schedule, Literally LOL :)

    In Aug, Im running the Mapleton Midnight Half Marathon. It looks like a sweet race. See ya soon

  5. BTW where is the Hostess Half Marathon in Dec?

  6. august utah half iron triathlon. can i copy this idea for my blog?

  7. Julie - I'm not positive but I don't think Top Of Utah sold out last year but as great as the race is, I think it's going to get more popular. Easily one of my favorite races.

    Ellis Fam - I've heard Hobble Creek is really good. Nothing could be as bad as Mesquite last year unless there is a tornado. Oh, wait. That already happened.

    Amylee - Nice to meet you. You will LOVE Top Of Utah.

    Braydon - My calendar isn't nearly as packed as yours. Think we should make Hostess Half a real race?

    Dansie Fam - The tri sounds tempting. Looking forward to seeing your race calendar...

  8. I second Braydon's comment about the Hostess Half. "Should we make it a real race?" What are you talking about?! It is the most real of any race I have ever done. If you don't do it this year I won't be your friend anymore.

  9. I don't know how you afford all these races, I'd do more races if they weren't so expensive. I'd love to the Hurricane half next month but next month I got to pay for the Saint George marathon so its pick and choose time. I would totally do the Hostess half though as you only charged $10 you should put it on again even if I am likely to puke from all that sugarey stuff.

    Do you ever do more speed events. I love doing 5k's to see how hard and how fast I can run over 3.1 miles. I love halves for the endurance but love smaller races like 5ks and 10ks for the speed and pushing myself. I saw you bought a bike too when are you going to try a triathlon. They have that Sprint Turkey Trot in Novemeber as well as the one I am doing next month (not sure if you can be ready by then though).

  10. wahoo! Great calender. I just registered for Buffalo run as well. I am doing the 50. So excited. I get to take a little me time, and what better way then running my first Ultra. My sis has done it the last 2 years and we plan on at least starting together. I didn't plan on running the race at all. It's kind of a spur of the moment plan. Should be great fun, I am very much looking forward to it.
    I ran Ogden in 2008, and I ran Deseret News last year. May do it again this year if I happen to be in utah then. You're a busy little runner.

  11. Cory, Hostess half??? please!! it was so fun.

  12. Aug:
    I need the date for the hostess half to add to my calendar. It's pretty full!

    I love how you have photos for your race reports! I'm going to try and take photos-maybe. Running and breathing are hard enough!

  13. I am strongly considering doing the Hostess Half again. Anybody have connections with Hostess to see if they will sponsor? Let me know.

  14. You could try this contact information for Hostess: Worth a try...

  15. Have you considered the Pine Valley 15miler for August, heard its a tougher trail run but you like running trails.

    Also you got to the hostess half I need a half in December haha actually it just sounds like fun and lots of puking.

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