Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where My Love Affair With Trails Began

This past weekend I got two mandates from my friend Susette: 1) Take her to a cool trail, and 2) Get a cool jumping picture.

Susette is an amazing human being. I was able to run every mile with her of her first ultramarathon. And earlier this year I ran with her during her first 100 miler. It has been so awesome to see her growth as a runner over the years. Susette and her husband were down from northern Utah and I looked forward to spending a few miles with her.

For someone who hasn't run much in this area, I always recommend the JEM Trail. It is very runnable and seriously beautiful. After a few miles we got the mandatory jumping pictures.

Then I had an idea. Maybe we should do one together! Notice Susette sporting her shirt from the best half marathon ever coming up on 12/13/14 - the Baker's Dozen Half Marathon. I was pretty impressed with Susette's form here:

While we were out there we saw another runner! I am amazed that with all the stunning trails around here, I very, very rarely see another runner. That runner happened to be Bob, a local friend of mine:

The JEM Trail is the first trail I ever ran. That one run started a love affair with trails that is still burning strong. It feels like I know ever rock, twist, and turn on that trail. The only thing that makes it better is introducing someone else to it for the first time.

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  1. Your photos always seem to put a smile on my face. Thanx for that